Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does your system do?

The short answer– we use the latest technology to help you reach your clients to get them to write positive reviews online at places, like google, yellow pages, facebook, etc…

The Long Answer– You start by sending your clients a text message through our system. Your client then rates you within our system. Our system then processes the review based on the client’s satisfaction level. If they rate you 3 stars or less we filter them to a complaint form so that you can find out how you can improve your clients experience. These responses stay internal and are never put online. Clients that rate you 5 stars or better our system brings them to the outside review site/s of your choice (such as: Google, Yellow Pages, Facebook or anywhere else you chose) encouraging them to tell the world why others should use your business.

I get many calls from Reputation Defense companies, is that what you are?

No, simply put we work so that you won’t need a reputation defense company.  The Problem with reputation defense is just that you are working on a defense because the damage has already been done by someone unhappy that has decided to tell the world that they are unhappy. We believe that truly the best defense is a great offense. The Offense, consistently get too satisfied to have them write the reviews you need.

I don’t even have a website, what do I care about internet reviews.

Unfortunately, you don’t need a website to have reviews affect your business. It’s not about how you advertise your business such as a website, but rather how do people find your businesses. Most people use the internet and online reviews to decide whether they want to use a business.  It’s a credibility thing

I don’t have an customer list, how would I use your system?

Don’t worry, while our system does require some client information we can help you set up collecting that info from your clients. We also help you use this great tool to attract your clients to your business more often.

Can’t I just send my clients an email asking them to review us on the web?

Yes, but you will quickly become part of the statistic… unhappy clients are more likely to write a negative review as overly happy clients are to write a positive review.  What might happen? Many times you may unwittingly create a worse online reputation.

If I use your system can someone still write a bad review about my company?

Yes, we can’t stop someone that chooses to go directly to a review site.But remember our goal is to make sure you have so many good reviews that bad reviews carry no weight for potentially new customers.

I am a small business and I don’t have any unhappy clients, why would I need your system?

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t find out about an unhappy client until they have been slammed on the web. People somehow become “honest” about their feelings of a business when it can’t be refuted and they can hide behind the internet.

If it is the case that all your clients are happy, great, our system will help you to convey that to the rest of the world, helping you increase your business.

Does your system comply with the review sites such as google plus.

Yes, our system works within the terms of most major review provider sites.